Does life have meaning?

Why am I here?  Do I have a purpose in life?  Does my life have a plan and what will happen in the future?

The Bible tells us that we are not here by accident, but that God knows us and cares about us.

The image of God: The Bible tells us that God made the world and gave human beings a special place in his creation.  He made every single person in his own image and in his own likeness. He loves us and made us to live in a relationship with him and to share our lives with him.

The problem of sin: Though God made us like him we turned instead to our own way.  We decided to ignore God and lived instead the way we wanted.  The Bible calls this behaviour sin.  Through sin we have become separated from God and one day we will have to face his judgement.

The good news of Jesus: God loves us so much that he sent his only Son Jesus to die for us so that our sins could be forgiven.  Jesus then rose again and through Jesus our relationship with God can be restored.  If we turn to Jesus, then we will no longer face the consequences of our sin, which is death, but we will be given eternal life in Jesus.

The Holy Spirit: Once we follow Jesus God does not leave us on our own but is present in our lives through the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit guides us, helps us understand the Bible, and assures us that God loves us.

The Future: The resurrection of Jesus is not the end of the story because Jesus promised that one day he would return and be united with all those who are waiting for him.  We will then live together in the Kingdom of heaven.



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